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When OpenText reached out to happy, inc., they were experiencing remarkable success with a generous share of the enterprise content management software market, rapid growth through a number of recent acquisitions, and a dynamic new CMO. The recent expansion had left their brand somewhat fragmented and their customers confused and frustrated, but the CMO was determined to refocus the company’s marketing efforts and refine the brand.

Initially, OpenText invited happy, inc. to join a group of trusted advisers and key staff members assembled to evaluate the state of the brand from various perspectives. From the beginning, it was clear that the internal team was eager and highly capable of identifying the brand direction and executing the eventual strategy but was uncertain how to approach the challenge.

We began our engagement by hosting a series of brand discovery meetings, by consulting with the internal design team and helping them hire a Creative Director, helping the company analyze and apply their existing research data, and conducting customer focus groups and one-on-one research sessions. We delivered a comprehensive strategy for reframing the brand around a set of resonant core strengths, along with an actionable timeline for its implementation. We then demonstrated the brand in action by providing design and development of a few selected web initiatives. While our primary goal was to produce the brand strategy and implementation plan, ultimately we were fostering a greater sense of collaboration between OpenText team members and helping them become more adept at the processes that would enable them to see the strategic plan through. Over time, the core group of OpenText participants evolved into a brand council that continues to focus and hone the brand message over time. visit the OpenText website >

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