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After several years of providing services to Iberdrola Renewables in our previous agency roles, we were delighted when they became one of happy, inc.’s first clients. As happy, inc., we’ve conducted research to help Iberdrola Renewables identify future brand positioning and activities, and developed strategies to align the US Renewable entity with the European parent brand. We’ve helped them use the web to support their internal operations, to introduce new businesses, to reach out to the interested public, and to better distinguish between their wind and gas divisions. We’ve introduced mobile-friendly web design options, facilitated their relationships with technical services vendors, and helped their staff members keep their many web entities up-to-date.

Our Iberdrola Renewables clients tell us how valuable our “concierge” service approach is in helping them to identify and resolve problems from a more holistic level, and how refreshing and informative they find our “Dr. House”-level diagnosis combined with our “over-the-back-fence” candor. Aw, shucks.

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