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Over coffee one day, the soon-to-be founders of CafeGive had an epiphany. What if they could create a vehicle for effective social change, and motivate consumers to do good by doing well? They approached happy, inc. with a question, “How can we leverage the millions shoppers spend online every year to support non-profit organizations?” Happy, inc.’s answer was the development of CafeGive, an online marketplace that allowed shoppers to pair a product with a non-profit and promote the pairing via their social networks. Each product purchased through the widget resulted in a donation to the selected non-profit, and CafeGive’s shopping for a cause concept was born!

Happy, inc’s scope of work included brand development, technical strategy and social media strategy development, user experience design, information architecture, and visual design. CafeGive has gone on to develop and license a set of social media apps that enable non-profits to launch their own cause marketing campaigns. Happy, inc. is proud to have played a role in launching this powerful vehicle for positive change.

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