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We founded happy, inc., with the intent to create a more honest and responsive kind of relationship with our clients. Having seen too many client/agency relationships go sour, we know that the traditional “full service” agency model does not always serve the best interests of every client. Instead we formed happy, inc. with a rather unorthodox goal — to stay small. By remaining small and assembling our teams on a project-by-project basis, we can offer the precise level of niche expertise needed to address our clients’ requirements, no matter how complex or specific.

Our teams consist of in-house subject matter experts in interactive marketing, research, branding, computer-human interaction, visual design, and project management. We partner with groups and individuals who specialize in technical architecture development, html and back-end technology development, and whose skillsets augment our in-house skills. We believe that through these strategic partnerships, we are able to provide the most cost-effective, innovative, and strategically sound solutions.

Our approach allows us to work with greater integrity for our clients, and to do it in a more efficient and truly sustainable way.


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