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Wes Evans brings over 15 years experience leading interactive development teams and processes to foster efficient and effective connections between our clients and development teams.
Prior to joining happy, inc., Wes spent three years at White Horse Interactive, serving in the roles of Account Manager, Director of Project Management, and Project Manager. During his time at White Horse, he hosted client relationships and managed creative and technical teams, serving as the primary client relations contact from proposal preparation, to day-to-day management, to invoicing. Wes has been described by his clients and team members as “doggedly reliable” and “good glue” — fostering cohesive behavior between all players. When faced with challenges, Wes maintains a positive outlook and communicates that to others, to build consensus, achieve “buy-in” from diverse and multiple constituencies, and reach win-win outcomes. At both the project and account level, Wes thinks in terms of relationship and approaches projects as if he were a member of the client’s team. He is passionate about the web and couples his professionalism with tremendous enthusiasm for increasing client happiness.
Catherine Veraghen is a seasoned Creative Director and Web Marketing Strategist with over 18 years experience leading interactive development teams in the pursuit of award-winning design, and the development of exceptional user experiences that are appropriate, yet compelling.
In her previous role as Creative Director at White Horse Interactive, Catherine was instrumental in managing ongoing client relationships, and for developing long-term creative strategies, as well as concept development and messaging on an individual Interactive project basis. She also managed and mentored the creative department staff, led creative brainstorming and design sessions, and defined creative group strategies and overall development team processes. The majority of her work has involved online branding strategies, web design, web marketing, and rich media design, but also includes developing integrated marketing campaigns involving print and broadcast media components, and designing complex game concepts, characters, and environments for a variety of gaming platforms. Catherine has honed a service-oriented philosophy that’s been effective in earning the sustained trust and loyalty of her clients.
Our teams consist of in-house subject matter experts in the areas of interactive marketing, brand development, computer-human interaction, visual design, and rich media and online tools design. We partner with groups and individuals who specialize in information architecture, content development, html and back-end technology development, whose skill sets augment these in-house skills. We assemble and manage these integrated project-based teams to provide interactive strategy consultation, and creative development services, as well as full project development services. We have found that through these strategic partnerships, we are able to provide our client with the most efficient, innovative, and strategically sound solutions.
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